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piece of my heart - mini print

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about the piece

this piece was created using mixed media and a variety of artistic techniques sunny learned as she was first learning to draw. the skull and skeletal body were drawn from a model using a technique called blind contour drawing, where the artist looks only at the subject and draws it without looking at her hand or paper. this practice allows artists to learn to draw what they see rather than what their interpretation of the subject would look like in a 2D space. the background was created using white and black gesso and was drawn over multiple times to add texture and layers to the piece. the hands tied to the heart were the finishing touch used to tie the piece together. this gesture was influenced heavily by sunny's mental state as she transitioned from one part of her life onto the next and allowed herself to open up to new opportunities that came her way.

print features

open edition fine art print. hand signed and authenticated by sunny shan. this one of a kind original piece comes printed on 5 x 7 inch heavy satin cardstock for a luxurious finish.

varnish option (+$2.22)

for an additional cost, your print will be coated with a seamless matte invisible glaze that significantly increases the UV resistance and color longevity of your print by providing increased water, scratch, and abrasion resistance.

mat and frame option (+$22.22)

for an additional cost, your piece will be professionally mat and framed. this aesthetically enhances the art by adding size, color and depth to what’s being portrayed. this option is highly recommended to extend the lifetime of the fine art print since it will help prevent contact with dirt, dust, mold spores, and atmospheric pollutants.