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self love - XL resin tray

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about the piece

love yourself through light & dark

this piece was inspired by sunny's self love journey. this healing tray was made to represent the blossoming growth that comes as a result of loving yourself unconditionally. artfully embellished and decorated with a hand painted lotus, this piece also glows in the dark to remind you of your inner beauty even during your darkest times. this piece features a sun charged rose quartz lotus from ArtbyJacStudio. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love and promotes self love, deep healing, and inner peace.  

product features 

this one of a kind 11x14 inch resin tray is carefully lined with gold foil and includes handpicked clear and gold hardware to give the tray the extra sparkle. when charged under the sun or UV light for up to 5 minutes, the tray will glow in the dark.