open your heart

thank you for sharing this moment with me, i hope you enjoy browsing my creations. art has allowed me to discover parts of myself i didn't know existed & i hope my pieces will inspire you to do the same.


paintings of my soul

floating along - fine art printfloating along - fine art print
  • inspiration

    much of my art is inspired by nature, anime, & cartoon style art. giving my pieces a classic & nostalgic feel while still expressing a broad range of emotions.

  • future collections

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modern art for the modern soul

starting off as as a traditional painter, i expanded into different mediums over time and started exploring the relationship between my art and plant medicine. the healing effects of cannabis have greatly influenced my artistic creations and center greatly around intentional use and mindfulness.


choose your own adventure

apricot agate - gold joint holderapricot agate - gold joint holder

functional art - self defense keychains

limited edition collection of 211 unique handmade resin self defense keychains designed to keep you safe & stylish.