about the artist

sunny is a self taught artist who specializes in acrylic painting. she is based in san francisco, california. her journey as an artist started in 2017 and her work is greatly inspired by her love for nature, psychedelic experiences, and vivid color. she dreams of sharing her art with the world in hopes that it will soften the edges of the human experience and connect people through portrayals of mystical experiences and themes of unification.

her other hobbies and interests include running, exploring the great outdoors, and learning new languages. she is fluent in english, chinese, and french and is currently studying italian. she hopes to one day be able to support herself as an independent artist and use the money earned through her art to start her own cannabis business where she will hire individuals formerly convicted of cannabis crimes. 

she is also a human rights activist and continues to use her voice to fight against racism, sexism, and homophobia. she believes that no one should be discriminated against based off of the color of their skin, how they identify themselves, and who they love. she actively donates to organizations that combat discrimination in their communities and is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. to read more on ways she leverages her privilege as an asian american artist, please visit her activism page