safety tips

your safety is one of the most essential aspects of your wellbeing. without safety, you cannot feel comfortable or at ease to simply exist. here are some tips on how to stay safe and vigilant in any situation where you may feel vulnerable.

1. be aware of your surroundings. when you are in a new location, or even a familiar one, make sure to take in your surroundings and become familiar with who and what is around you. try to stay off your phone if you are walking alone so you can be fully aware of the things going on around you. if something feels off, don't be afraid to let others know if there are people around you. 

2. trust your instincts. if something feels off about a situation or location you are in, trust your gut feeling and stay alert for any movements or people that catch your attention. your intuition is almost always right. if you have a self defense keychain or keys, make sure to have it out and easily accessible as you make your way out of the situation. if something feels off about someone you are talking to, don't be afraid to be weird or rude to cut the interaction short. you never know when your instincts could save your life. 

3. learn basic self defense moves. learning some basic self defense moves can potentially save your life. this video that teaches you basic self defense moves is a good place to start. take 10 minutes to learn a couple of these simple moves that could save you in the future. 

4. let people know your plans. regardless if you have a big or small day planned ahead of you, let at least one person you trust know what you're up to that day. in the case that something happens to you for health or other reasons, you know you'll have someone who will be able to place you at your last known location. letting others know what you're up to can also help you & your loved ones stay accountable for each other.