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midnight sun - hand painted tray

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about the piece

this piece was drawn on a 12 x 16 x 2 inch birch wood tray using acrylic paint. the wave is inspired by hokusai's  The Great Wave off Kanagawa. in her early days of studying art, sunny took an affinity to ukiyo-e style art made using woodblock prints. the patterns and metallic gold embellishment were inspired by her recent trip to beijing where she visited the temple of heaven and fell in love with its interior designs. as an asian artist, much of her art is inspired by her heritage and cultural roots. she also wanted to design this tray since she was in need of a dope looking rolling tray.

piece features

this hand painted tray will be custom made just for you. each tray will look slightly different from the last. the images show different variations of the tray that have been created so far. if you have a color preference, please indicate it in the check out notes and i will do my best to accommodate. once finished, the tray will be varnished to coat and protect the wood and paint while providing a glossy finish. please allow for 4-6 weeks for production. for prints of this piece, please visit the midnight sun fine art print page.

additional embellishment (+4.20)

for an additional cost, the painting will be embellished with custom metallic and glitter detailing at the discretion of the artist. each tray will be embellished in its own unique way.